Obvious challenges the concept of traditional perfumery. Offering 'absolutely independent' and 'obviously transparent' fragrances, the brand was born out of a vision – a vision to bring a new understanding of luxury and nature need reconciliation.

With over twenty year background rooted in creator-driven perfumes, David Frossard is committed to create a brand that meets the requirements of modern lives, blending simplicity and elegance in self-respect and environmental protection; and that’s exactly what Obvious is all about – further from the city, but closer to our souls.

Using only the most refined ingredients and eco-responsible raw materials, each Obvious bottle is original, high-quality and holds the secrets that will uplift your soul.

Each Obvious bottle is a proof that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Sometimes – in fact, oftentimes – less is more. This is Obvious.

Please contact us for wholesale enquiries, or visit Libertine Parfumerie to purchase.