Emerging amidst the vibrant milieu of post-war Milan, Fornasetti mirrors its founder, Piero Fornasetti, an adept artist who secured a remarkable position among the 20th century's prolific Italian figures. The Atelier's core revolves around exquisite porcelain, intricate furnishings, and decor accessories, fusing art and design into conversational yet functional pieces.

Fornasetti's visionary "practical madness" champions utility infused with beauty and creativity, bridging the gap between art and everyday life.

The brand's hallmark lies in its meticulous Italian craftsmanship, where each handcrafted item reflects artistic multiples. Under Barnaba Fornasetti's pioneering stewardship, the Atelier extends its design legacy with diverse cultural endeavours, an intrinsic facet that shapes its identity, values, and cultural influence on the contemporary landscape.

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