Maison Tahité

Maison Tahité – Officine Creative Profumi is a creative workshop that aims to explore the iconic raw materials of perfumery, trying to represent them, time and time again, in an original and contemporary way.

This new project begins with the fascinating raw materials of vanilla and cacao, showcasing their various expressions of warmth and security, and at the same time the desire to escape to faraway paradises…

The main objective of Maison Tahité – Officine Creative Perfumes is to present a vision of sustainability, understood first of all as respect for the environment and the customer’s needs - in order to achieve this, Maison Tahité have decided, for example, to use recycled cardboard, vegetable glue, and paper made from almond shells.

The amber bottles are inspired by the pharmaceutical world, and the golden touch that characterizes this entire range underlines our vision of luxury, while never losing the vision of sustainability. In addition, inside each package you will find a plantable card: a small gesture to make a flower bloom and offer a concrete contribution to making the planet a better place.

Please contact us for wholesale enquiries, or visit Libertine Parfumerie to purchase.