Miller Harris

Miller Harris is a couture British fragrance house, founded in 2000, with a spirit of bespoke fragrance creation at it’s heart. The brand is committed to using beautiful natural materials whilst pushing creative boundaries.

The brand was founded by ground-breaking perfumer Lyn Harris. Lyn worked with world-renowned fragrance house Robertet in France in her early career, and was one of the first female master perfumers.

The aesthetic of her perfumes was inspired by stories, memories and the very finest natural ingredients.

The creative process for Miller Harris is about storytelling and the types of stories they choose to tell. Their tales come from everyday places, but dig deep into the heart of the Miller Harris customer.

Miller Harris strives to give an authenticity and integrity to their craft and are committed to pushing creative boundaries, breathing colour and life into the classic perfumer’s art.

Rooted in contemporary London and love its history of enterprise, culture, migration and innovation, Miller Harris finds nature from urban landscapes and imagination from the written word. These are their passions, encapsulated in a perfume bottle.


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