Lola James Harper

Perfume is memory. Rami Mekdachi understood that 30 years ago and traveled the world to create the scents of mythical places like the Hotel Costes and Colette in Paris. Born in the 70s in Beirut, a country overwhelmed with spice and flower fragrances. He crossed the world living in Europe and the USA and decided to create, with renowned Parisian perfumers Pierre Bourdon and Benoist Lapouza, a collection of scents that encapsulate the memories of the most inspiring places around the world. They selected the rarest and best natural materials to capture those fragrances.

To reveal and share those magical essences he developed these olfactive memories with his longtime partner La Maison Française des Cires. A Masters Chandlers house, falling heir for four generations to a unique and secular family savoir-faire, that carries chandlers’ values and traditions. As well as their production techniques, which are gone from most houses, in the great tradition of “handmade”. This heritage dates back to the most ancient techniques of Masters Chandlers from La Ciergerie des Prémontrés, passed on by the monks of L’Abbaye de Frigolet in 1904 to the great grandfather of the current owners and operators of La Maison Française des Cires.

Mekdachi is an awarded photographer, director and musician, he is certainly a perfume enthusiast and a fragrance expert. For over 30 years has been traveling the world with his family, recording songs, taking pictures, filming movies and gathering scents. Through Lola James Harper he wants to share his philosophy of togetherness, peace, slow-life and joy Spreading the love of our amazing world and inviting us to always keep some room for dreams.

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