Clive Christian

After the founding of Clive Christian Furniture in 1978, customers clamoured for their own bespoke designs. Each different creation represented the very elements that Clive Christian so vivaciously displayed in his Victorian Kitchen: grandeur, dedication to the familial and the romantic, a place to be remembered and where memories were made.

Truly, a match formed in a hedonist’s heaven: an empire driven by splendour and British history acquiring the only perfumery given the right by Queen Victoria herself to use the image of her crown, in turn bestowing Clive Christian with the now world-renowned crown bottle-stoppers.

The iconic crown image only further symbolises Clive Christian’s exclusivity, regal feel and British pride, embellishing each hypnotic perfume scent with a touch of magnificence. The only demand behind each luxury fragrance was sheer perfection. The finest ingredients, the rarest temptations of the senses, exhilarating and enthralling all at once

Clive Christian perfumes are incredibly complex. The quality and quantity of raw materials mainly feature a very high level of natural extracts, oils and absolutes. All Clive Christian perfumes hold between 100 and 300 ingredients. This helps in providing a unique depth and character to the perfumes, meaning that Clive Christian perfumes always make a statement.

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