La Perla

When Ada Masotti founded La Perla in 1954, it was virtually unheard of for a brand to be owned by a woman. That didn't deter her from following her dream: to create internationally successful lingerie designs by listening to other women's dreams for comfort, beauty and the utmost quality. La Perla has helped women feel their most beautiful, confident selves ever since.

Ada’s vision can be charted through decades of societal change. She was forever inspired by the women around her, and as their desires took new forms, so did her designs. Her pioneering, innovative spirit remains with La Perla to this day - and at heart La Perla will always be by women for women.

Each exquisite La Perla fragrance is designed to explore a new dimension of your individuality and is crafted using the most precious materials, from sustainably-harvested naturals to carefully selected, safe synthetic ingredients.

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