P Frapin & Cie

Founded in 1270 in the famous Grand Champagne region (Premier Grand Cru du Cognac) in France, P Frapin & Cie is renowned for their cognac distillery that has continued for over 20 generations.

With both fragrance and cognac rooted in rich, fertile soils, the rose fields of Grasse in Provence on one side and the vineyards of Charente on the other, the house of Frapin sought to unify the two worlds, creating perfumes in the great French tradition, crafting them like they do their Cognacs, according to their antique recipe of patience and passion, with a unique know-how and the finest ingredients.

With century-old traditions forming the secret of their distillation process, coupled with the clever marriage of fragrances, P Frapin & Cie’s fragrances are highly sophisticated compositions of aromatic harmonies that are savoured by discerning circles the world over.

Their collection of perfumes, each a world of sensations, aromas and taste, are designed in accord with the values of the House of Frapin, giving the impression of noble and generous power and upholding a tradition of luxury and quality.

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