Staff Information

Adding downloadable public media

  1. Navigate to the relevant brand
  2. Click the folder to add files to
  3. Upload files*

    *You must have Editor permissions for the ADP Public folder on the Google Drive.

    Adding a new retail client

    1. Send the client the registration link
    2. Let the IT team know so they can add the relevant customer tags (see below)

    Customer tags

    • Brand names to provide access to individual brands
    • All Brands to provide access to all brands
    • Online Ordering to provide access to online ordering
    • Staff for an ADP Staff account

    Website management

    Customer Code
    If online order is being used, the customer's Unleashed customer code must be noted in the Shopify customer's Notes field. 

    Adding a product to ADP Online
    i) Make sure product is completed in Unleashed (image etc)
    ii) Find product in Shopify
    iii) Set vendor to relevant brand (products with Agence de Parfum as vendor are hidden)

    Removing a product from ADP Online
    i) Navigate to product in Shopify
    ii) Sales Channels & Apps > Manage
    iii) Untick all channels to hide product

    Adding a brand to ADP Online
    i) Create Collection
    ii) Create banner image (3000x2000) and description
    iii) Create Google Drive folders in ADP Public
    iv) Add Google Drive folder in the collection's metafields
    v) Add logo & link to Our Brands page, shrink logo to match other sizes
    vi) Add collection to Our Brands menu
    vii) Go through products and set vendor to brand (products with Agence de Parfum as vendor are hidden)


    Brand Managers

    Valerie Blanchard BDK, Frapin, Fueguia, Juliette Has a Gun, Matiere Premiere, Obvious, Ormaie, Santa Maria Novella
    Hannah Clinen Claus Porto, Christian Tortu, Mancera, Montale, Grandiflora, Rance, Hermetica, Miller et Bertaux, Robert Piguet
    Sarah Cronk Trudon, Carriere Freres, Compagnie de Provence, Mizensir, Ormonde Jayne, Lola James Harper, Tangent GC, Coreterno
    Natalie Lopez Bond No.9, Penhaligon's, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Liquides Imaginaires, Roja Parfums, Xerjoff, Casamorati, Clive Christian
    Alexane Mongreville Libertine Parfumerie
    Camille Riboux Lubin, Memo, Creed, Amouage