Fueguia 1833

Founded in 2010 in Buenos Aires by Julian Bedel, Fueguia 1833 is a unique concept in the universe of the worldwide perfumery. The source of inspiration is Argentina, the land where Bedel was born and where he spent his childhood. The land being an inexhaustible source of stimuli for creating new fragrances, and the brand being a personal tribute to the history, art, music, and nature that distinguish the vibrant culture of South America.

Since the brand's inception, Bedel uses only certain natural ingredients, being often very unique and used for the first time in perfumery. Because of the scarcity of these ingredients, Fueguia 1833 produces only limited series of fragrances, using the finest natural ingredients available at the time of production.

Each bottle shows the year and the lot number of the fragrance that is enclosed – a progressive number from 1 to 400 being engraved on a crystal bottle of each perfume.

Therefore, each set of the fragrances represents a unique set of characteristics and peculiarities of the natural ingredients used in the formulations made by Bedel himself.

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