Bond No.9

In an industry that has long been dominated by men, Bond No.9 stands out as the first New York parfumerie to be headed by a female founder and CEO, Laurice Rahmé, and she’s no shy flower.

While each Bond No.9 fragrance is unique, they all maintain their roots as bold, audacious and avant-garde alternatives that honour the bedazzlingly multifarious city by capturing the spirit of New York and giving every New York neighbourhood a scent of its own.

Bond No.9 isn’t what you’d call subtle. She is a true drama queen that seeks to bring glitz and glam, and every scent is destined to be a major hit.

A Bond No.9 bottle will certainly make a statement on your vanity that you’ll want to display long after the perfume runs out, and it’s almost enough of a reason to make it part of your fragrance wardrobe, but there is no denying that the fragrance itself will also win you over and over every time you wear it.